What is important to keep in mind when implementing an antenna in a product?

For optimal performance, the antenna should be integrated into the overall product design, and therefore needs to be taken into account at an early stage of the product development, instead of being "squeezed in" at the end, in the space that is left over.

Some key things to consider in general:
- Keep the antenna away from metal parts, and other materials that can effect the near field of the antenna (i.e black plastic can often affect antenna performance).
- All antennas need to be fine tuned after implementation, since the antenna always will be affected in some sense from the product it is implemented in.
You are welcome to contact us if you want further assistance with this.

Can we implement the antenna without matching, or is matching of the antenna critical?

Properly tuned antenna is always important for optimum signal performance. In case of incorrect or inadequate matching, you will of course get shorter range but you can also have problems with EMI, i.e interference in your own product as well as lower efficiency, which often leads to increased power consumption.

Poor tuning can also cause interference in nearby products. In other words, this can cause problems when certifying your own product. Therefore, it is important to consider the choice of antenna and its tuning during the development phase, either through own competence or by hiring a knowledgeable partner!

We need an antenna with top performance, but smaller than the PLUS antenna – can you help us?

Yes, in this case we can tailor an antenna exactly for your need. We are specialized in custom antenna design and can support you with almost any antenna regardless of size. Based on our knowledge and antenna IP’s we can optimize an antenna solution for your specific application, with top performance.

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