Antenna services

Antenna matching & optimization

There are many critical aspects to keep in mind to achieve the best performance for your wireless product. Some examples:

  • Choosing/designing the right type of antenna, depending on the nature of the product.
  • Positioning, mounting and connection of the antenna.
  • Properly designed antenna drive (BALUN, stripline etc).
  • Impedance matching of the antenna.

Our antennas are very robust and forgiving. However, all antennas need tuning and adaptation according to above for optimal performance in a specific product. Our experienced radio and antenna team offers services where we can support you with all of this

Tips and advice

It is unfortunately very common that the antenna is considered first in the final stage of a product development. For optimal performance, the antenna should be integrated into the overall product design, and therefore needs to be taken into account at an early stage of the product development, instead of being “squeezed” into the product at the end, in the space that is left over.

Furthermore, an inadequately tuned antenna normally results in shorter range but can also have problems with EMI, i.e. interference in your own product as well as lower antenna efficiency which often leads to shorter range performance and/or increased power consumption.

Poor tuning can also cause interference in nearby products. In other words, this can cause problems when certifying your own product. Therefore, it is important to keep track of the antenna’s design and tuning during the development phase, either through your own expertise or by hiring a knowledgeable and experienced partner.

You are welcome to contact us for further advice and cost proposals.

Custom antenna design

In some cases, especially when the form factor of the product is very compact, you might need a customized antenna design. For example, this is most often the case with all mobile phone devices. We have extensive experience and a very good track-record within this area.

Based on our library of antenna IP’s and our extensive know-how we can tailor a very optimized antenna solution for your product – please contact us to learn more about this service.

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